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“There are still people out there that believe that a HIPAA

“We still receive the occasional call from a C level executive that thinks that engaging a HIPAA service provider to manage their PHI (Protected Health Information) workloads will essentially offload their liabilities read more here,” said David Pollard, Regional Director of Connectria Hosting. “There are still people out there that believe that a HIPAA cloud provider somehow mitigates their own needs for compliance. Understanding your own risks in your own data center is key to understanding your risks in the cloud.”.

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The Hassonjee Law Firm is dedicated to helping companies and individuals successfully navigate the complex maze of US immigration laws. The Hassonjee Law Firm has numerous domestic and foreign clients including domestic as well as international companies. We also represent non-profit organizations and assist them in corporate formation and getting the requisite tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

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