The Hassonjee Law Firm is a dedicated business and immigration law firm with domestic and international clients. Our commitment to our clients is to provide services that far exceed expectations and to help them realistically achieve their goals. We are accessible, time efficient, cost efficient, and trustworthy. We understand that when you choose to have us represent you, very often, you are placing your dreams and futures in our hands and we appreciate the confidence that you place in our abilities and strive to provide the best legal representation possible.

In today’s technological age and for many of our tech savvy clientele, we strive to keep our law firm up-to-date with state of the art technology in all areas of practice.

We stay in constant contact with our clients with regular updates on their case status. We also encourage clients to contact us should they have any questions or concerns.

We believe in being polite and in treating all our clients and their families, opposing counsel and Court personnel with civility and respect. We strongly believe that being rude or arrogant is unnecessary to produce the best results for our clients.