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Travel To The USA

Know your rights while in the US on a non-immigrant visa:

Find a US Embassy (US Consulate):

US Department of Labor

US Department of Labor (USDOL)

USDOL Foreign Labor Certification

US Citizenship and Immigration Services

US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

Schedule an InfoPass Appointment

USCIS Check Case Status Online

Sign-up for USCIS Case Status Updates

USCIS Change your address online

USCIS Check Processing Times

USCIS Civil Surgeon Locator (Medical Doctor)


USCIS – A Guide to Naturalization

United States Department of State:

Visa Bulletin:

Acquisition of US Citizenship by Child Born Abroad

Applying for the US passport of a Minor:

United States Custom and Border Patrol:

Custom and Border Patrol (CBP):

I-94 Instructions:

Visa Waiver Program:

Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA):

Canadian and Mexican Travelers:

International Travel Tips:

United States Department of Justice

Office of Special Counsel for Immigration-related unfair employment practices:

Social Security Administration

How to get a Social Security Number:

Foreign workers and Social Security Numbers:

Immigration and visa classifications that allow you to work:

Your Social Security Number and Card:

United States Treasury (where you pay income, payroll and other taxes)

Internal Revenue Service (IRS):

Guidance on Taxes for Non-Resident Aliens:

Guidance on Taxes for Non-Resident Aliens in H-1B status:—Taxation-of-Nonimmigrants-in-H-1b-Status

Guidance on Taxes for Foreign Students and Scholars:


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