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(Significantly, she’s also the only female Ajin we encounter in the series.) Characters and clothing do show wear and injuries (something not often seen with CG animation in anime) and the disintegrating/re integrating effects commonly seen in Knights of Sidonia, where little bits of matter drift off of a character/shape before coalescing again, also appear here. Also watch for some interesting messages on T shirts worn by a couple of characters. Like with Sidonia, don’t expect much for vivid colors; this could be a side effect of the animation process, although in this case it would make sense to keep the colors muted to prevent any suggestion of the story being cheery or happy.

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The Hassonjee Law Firm is dedicated to helping companies and individuals successfully navigate the complex maze of US immigration laws. The Hassonjee Law Firm has numerous domestic and foreign clients including domestic as well as international companies. We also represent non-profit organizations and assist them in corporate formation and getting the requisite tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

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